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Blue Tit (Pimpelmees)

I like watching birds visually using binoculars or a spotting scope and I also like photographing birds. These pages are mostly about the photographing of birds.



For Dutch readers I also have a birding and digiscoping blog It can be found be clicking here: Birding and digiscoping blog.

My photo albums are here and my photo's can also be seen on Flickr.



Most of the time I take pictures through my telescope. This is called 'digiscoping'.






The camera is placed behind the eyepiece of the telescope. Best is to fixate the camera behind the telescope with an adapter. More information about my digiscoping rig, including adapters, can be found on my equipment page.


When I take long walks or go somewhere on bicycle with my digiscoping setup, I use a 'tripod carrier', to place the whole setup on my back. Works perfectly.


(Zoom) telelens

Sometimes I use a 100 - 300 mm (zoom) telelens with my camera, especially for faster moving birds. Because of the 2x crop factor of my digital camera, the 35 mm equivalent of this lens is 200 - 600 mm. There's a camera setting to even double these figures, but I almost never use that setting. For longer distances I prefer to use the digiscoping technique mentioned above.

Lesser Yellowlegs (Kleine Geelpootruiter), Schokland, februari 2015
Crested Lark (Kuifleeuwerik), Lesvos 2014

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