Jan van Gastel's Birding and Digiscoping Site


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Most of the albums contain photographs of one bird species or groups of species. Some contain photographs or a specific area, for instance Lesvos, La Brenne, the Cevennes. Some albums contain photographs with the distance to the bird mentioned. Why?


First of all I like to photograph birds not too close by, because at longer distances they don't feel threatened by me and behave more naturally.Secondly, I like trying to make good photographs at long









distances, because this is the extra of digiscoping compared to telelens/zoomlens photography. And the third, maybe most important reason is, that I want to be prepared when that rare bird shows up and doesn't want me to come close.


Some photographs are not as good as I would like them to be, but they will make place for other photographs as soon as I have made better ones. The number of photographs in each album will grow steadily, I hope.