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Between April 19th and 30th, 2015 my girlfriend Marijke and I visitited the Parc naturel regional de La Brenne, in France. It is an area with more then 1000 small lakes and is well known for its many bird species.


We stayed in a chalet at La Fosse aux Loups, owned by Ard and Pauline. The La Fosse aux Loups area is almost 200 hectares large, including five lakes and most of the observing and digiscoping time was spent there.


Most of the other lakes cannot be visited, because they are on private property. Some lakes have hides from where birds can be observed. We have good experience with the hide at the 'Etang Purain' along the D32. There we observed species like the Black tern and the Red-crested Pochard. We have seen the Red-crested Pochard also on a number other lakes, but the Black Tern only on one other lake. It needs to be said though, that we did not visit many lakes.

Most interesting birds for me were the Black-crowned Night Heron, the Eurasian Hoopoe, the - many - Cattle Egrets, the Eurasian Stone-curlew and the Red-legged Partridge, because they are very rare in The Netherlands. There were five Black-crowned Night Herons present at one of the lakes on La Fosse aux Loups. It was possible to take some photographs of two of them, but only from a distance of 80-100 meters. This is doable for digiscoping but would be too far for a camera with telelens. I had a mobile hide with me, but I left in in the car, because I did not want to miss many birds while sitting in the hide. I heard the Stone-curlew a couple of times late evening and saw one flying over early one morning. One afternoon, there was a Red-legged Partridge very close to our chalet. It could nicely be photographed. The list of observed birds is shown below, to the left or can be downloaded frome here. The album containing the photograhps I made can be reached here or can be viewed as a dia presentation below. For Dutch readers I recommend to visit my blog about La Brenne, here. It has more detailed information.


Album below:

Birds observed at Parc de La Brenne